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Copyright Notice

All plans we sell whether custom designed or stock are protected by The United States Copyright Act. Reproduction of these plans whether in whole or part, including all forms of copying, for any reason without prior written permission, is strictly prohibited. The purchase of a set of plans in no way transfers any copyright or other means of ownership to the buyer except for a limited license to use that set of plans for the construction of a home at the address specified on the plans.

The purchase of reproducible plans, carries the same copyright protection as stated above. The purchaser of the reproducible plan is granted a license to make copies for the purchaser’s use in the construction of homes. It is illegal to make photocopies of drawings from prints.

Plans and blueprints may not be copied. If additional copies are needed contact Evans Residential Designs to purchase additional copies. Printers are prohibited from making copies of the plans.

Plans may not be redrawn or modified without the written permission of the designer. You are permitted to make non-structural changes by “red-lining” the plans. The “redlined” plans are still covered under the copyright laws and cannot be copied. If major changes are needed the plans will need to be redrawn, you can contact our office for this service.

If you are licensed to make modifications to the plans, the modified plan is not relieved of the designer’s copyright. The reuse or sale of the modified plan is prohibited. Any modifications to the plan relieves the designer from all liability for design defects and voids all warranties expressed or implied.

Anyone who participates in a copyright infringement may be held responsible, including architects, engineers, designers, drafters, homeowners, contractors, builders, subcontractors, printers, real estate agencies, developers and the purchaser. No matter whether the person knows that a violation is being committed. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense.

The copyright and license of plans for construction protects all parties and is designed to protect the intellectual property of the designer. Statutory damages up to $150,000.00 plus attorney fees, loss of profits and damages may be assessed for willful infringement.